Photography of Cabezudo a sculpture of Clement Carat that he has produced in collaboration with Ramon Aumedes(molding) and Pedro Rodriguez Abajo (slicona and hair)


(2017-2018) sculpture and video-performance (8min)

Cabezudo is a projet which was developed during a residency at the Casa de Velazquez (Madrid, ES). The cabezudo is one of the traditional mask of the Spanish carnaval. It is characterized by oversized heads that people carry on their shoulders. These masks used to be portraits of the local « notables ». Once a year people would use it in order to express their inner feelings about other members of the community.

In this project, Carat has requested to a spanish cabezudo craft master named Ramon Aumedes from Granollers (Barcelona, ES) to sculpt his portrait.

This portrait has been molded and transported to Madrid to the Abajo Studio (company specialized in cinema special effects). This Studio has produced a positive in silicona from the mold. They have set eyes, hairs, and paint the skin. This work has been made under the expertise of Pedro Rodriguez Abajo.

The last step of the project has been to shoot a performative video-clip with the help of the young video makers of the Bandiz Studio. Production house based in Madrid (ES) and specialized into music-video.

The sculpture Cabezudo of Clement being used during the shooting of the video/performance of the same name
Cabezudo in a hairdresser salon during the shooting of the video-performance Cabezudo in Madrid, Spain
A person film on his phone Cabezudo during the performance
the sculpture Cabezudo of Clement Carat during the performance meeting a dog

Cabezudo is using a sculpture as a tool to disrupt social interactions. Carat uses here an old fashioned popular element in order to adress contemporary problematic such as identity.

As described Boris Groys in « In Public », the perpetual self-staged lifes of the internet social networks enclosed people into their individual mythologies. For Boris Groys this phenomenon derived from the self mythologies that artist were creating of their own identities during the XX century. Carat by using his own image trough this hyperrealist cabezudo underline the paradoxe that stagged identity interfere into daily life.

His identity is transformed into a trivial comic object that a performer can use directly in the public space. His oversized head becomes an object of attraction and repulsion, an object that people instagram or run away from. An object that transform is immediate surrounding into an audience. An object which make visible a certain form of loneliness trough this distance between object and viewer.

Cabezudo team:

Direction: Clément Carat

Master Cabezudo: Ramon Aumedes

Production mold, traditional cabezudo: Taller Saradanca, Aumedes family

Production Silicone and mimetic materials: Studio Abajo, Pedro Rodriguez Abajo

Video/editing: Clément Carat

Camera: David Heof, Alberto de Miguel

Performer: Daniel Pompa

Clothes: Aurélien Lepetit

Project supported by the Casa de Velazquez, French Academy in Madrid.

Working Process:

Cabezudo being molded by ramon AumedesThe mold of Cabezudo of Clement Carat arriving in his studioCabezudo of Clement Carat getting his hairs Cabezudo Clement CaratCabezudo being set on a performer before the shooting of the video/performance